Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seven is a magic number

I’ve recently
received two awards for my blog. Both ask me to write seven things about myself
but I’m not going to bore you with fourteen. I’m cheating and giving you seven
and, after much consideration, I’m going to think of seven things from when I
was seven.
When I was seven I told my teacher I was going to be a writer.
When I was seven my grandparents took me on holiday to Babbacombe. We stayed at a guest house run by a Mrs Vanstone and her house had a golden doorstep.
When I was seven I fell of my bike, bit a hole through my tongue, split an eyelid in half and got called Scarface at school. (Later I had cosmetic surgery.)
When I was seven my Dad took us to the Clent hills where there is a circle of standing stones. He told me that if I touched them all and made a wish it would come true. My wish was that I could fly and I ran down the hills, flapping my arms. Sadly nothing happened.
When I was seven my Dad told me it was a magic number and to prove it we counted waves because the seventh one is always the biggest.
When I was seven and had a really bad cold my Dad took me to the Malvern Hills (where I now live) and said a walk over them would either kill me or cure me. I chose the second option.
When I was seven I believed every word my Dad said. He made childhood fun.

And now I'm supposed to hand the awards to several other people but, sorry, I can't think of anyone who hasn't already had them. If you'd like one, or both, please feel free to take one.


  1. I don't do 'awards', Lynne, but your seven memories of being seven, provide neat snapshots of that period in your life. Enough going on there, for several stories, I suspect.

  2. 7 is a magic number isn't it! I love the idea of 7 year old Lynne trying to fly down the hill x

  3. Martin, I think you're very wise about not accepting awards. I may follow your lead.
    And Teresa, if I went to the magic stones again I'd still try to fly. I have flown, often, in my dreams.

  4. I like what your dad said about the waves - lovely,

    Julie xx