Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I’m being busy getting ahead with all my regular writing work because we are on the move
again. No, I’m not going back to Wales. We are moving to our own place here in Malvern
where I belong. After two years in The Stables we’ve collected lots of stuff so are in the process of sorting things out. Decluttering. There are now piles waiting to go to the tip, the charity shop and a car boot sale.
Wandering around antique shops in Tewkesbury probably wasn’t a good idea as I had to resist buying several items. Back home I told the LSO (Long Suffering One) we really should go back for the little coffee set. French, ravishing colours and in a wooden box. He reminded me that I don’t drink coffee and anyway the cups would be too tiny if I did.
‘Sometimes you just have to have something that’s beautiful but useless,’ I said.
And the LSO replied, ‘That’s why I have you!’
Is that a compliment?


  1. An exciting time for you Lynne on the move to your own place again.

    We've just, at long last, cleared our loft. Like you stuff to the tip and the charity shops. Now we have to make sure a whole lot more stuff that 'we might just need some day' doesn't go up there again!

    I think possibly it was what they call a backhanded compliment, don't you, that brill remark by the LSO!! :o) x

  2. I'm afraid I would probably have bought the coffee set, Lynne. A thing of beauty, and all that...

    Good luck with the house move!

  3. Glynis Scrivens22 March, 2012 09:20

    I'd probably have bought it too, like Martin - what is it Oscar Wilde said about resisting temptation?
    The decluttering will be therapeutic. I'm presenting doing that myself - well, my wardrobe. My LSO is hoping I'll be inspired to go through the piles of magazines I leave everywhere

  4. You were right not to get the coffee set - at least not to get it until after you've moved.

  5. Yes, Patsy. If it's still there once we've moved then it was meant to be. Problem is I also saw an art-deco pottery watering can and a silver tankard, marked Mappin & Webb... Gotta stop watching all those antique programmes! I'm now dreaming of finding a bit of Lalique for 50p and selling it for £5k.

  6. Hi Lynne,
    I'm like you, I see beauty in everything. So what if the cups are too small and you don't drink coffee? You can pretend...

  7. Good luck with the move, Lynne. Know Tewks well as mum in law lives there. As you say, if the set is still there when you go back, it was meant to be :)
    LOL at LSO's comment. Kind of a compliment...I think, in a back handed kind of way!