Wednesday, April 04, 2012

April challenge - catching up

B is for broccoli. Yes, it’s a great vegetable, full of vitamins and minerals. It looks like miniature trees which is how I used to get my kids, when young, to eat it. ‘Finish your trees they’ll make you big and strong.’ Well, trees would, wouldn’t they? Does anyone remember a series with Johnny Vegas where experiments were being done on vegetables and broccoli had grown as big as trees? I never did see the end of that so don’t know what happened.

Broccoli is also the name of my soon-to-be ex-son-in-law. I called him that as he has the same IQ as the vegetable. In some ways I shall miss him. He was often good for story ideas.

C is for curmudgeon. Did you know that in the dictionary a curmudgeon is defined as being a male? I’m only at C and have learned something already. I would like to say, here and now, I do not know any curmudgeonly old men. Only lovely ones. (Especially Danny Pyle!) I do happen to know just one or two ladies who the term would suit but now, armed with my new knowledge, I know that a curmudgeon is not only an old man but a crusty and ill-tempered one.


  1. How odd - I very nearly chose curmudgeon as my C word (so to speak)! Because I just love the word.

    Ps May I humbly request that you get rid of the word verification? This one is impossible!