Thursday, April 05, 2012

April challenge D and E (You'll love these)

I once worked with a woman who kept signing up for courses at the local college. Whenever she learned anything new she would say, ‘That’s another hair on my arse.’ Strange expression. I haven’t seen her for years and wonder if she is still accumulating qualifications. If so she must be the proud owner of dasypygal by now . It’s a lovely word for not such a lovely sight and comes from the Greek.
Dasypygal means hairy buttocks.

Last March I received a contract to write a book of tips for writers. I panicked when scanning through said contract and thought it said ‘to be completed within two weeks.’ Time to book an eye-test. It actually said ‘two years’. Now, if it had said a fortnight I reckon I would have done it but because it says 24 months I am procrastinating. The LSO reckons it’ll be around the end of next January before I get my arse into gear. I thought he might be right but, on searching for an E
word I came up with one which means a handbook about a specific subject.
Perhaps, now I know I am writing an Enchiridion, things will start moving.

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  1. Just discovered your blog and have spent far too long exploring it (I'm supposed to be finishing chapter 3 of my novel today). But reading is never a waste of time and you have taught me 2 new words. Now how can I work them in to chapter 4 ...?