Saturday, April 07, 2012

Gallivant? Moi?

Gallivant is a word you don’t hear so often now. It was very popular in our family. My Gran
was a lady who could never stay in. Every day she would have different friends to visit or meet up with. She’d have clubs, societies and church groups to go to. My Grandad never knew where she was and if anyone asked him, he’d say, ‘She’ll be gallivanting somewhere.’
Apparently, according to my mother, in my teens I used to gallivant around the town. ‘Up to
no good!’
And according to me, my mother, who so often had some sort of illness and never set a foot outside for weeks on end, would often go AWOL and would be gallivanting around the countryside, using her Rover ticket to travel for miles on buses, having lunch in motorbiker’s cafes – ‘They do the best chips, our Lynne’.


  1. It's obviously in your G enes, Lynne! What smashing people your mum and gran sound.

  2. Gallivanting. I haven't heard that word for a while.It rolls off the tongue nicely. :)

  3. Happy gallivanting over Easter, Lynne.

  4. 'Gallivanting' is a familiar word in our family, too. Just back from Cornwall, where the term, 'gadding about' is often used.

  5. Gallivanting was a favourite word of my mum's and it isn't used often enough these days - or done!