Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting in advance N and O

We are going away for a few days so I'm doing N and O in advance. I needed a break after the awful experiences of buying a house and getting a mortgage. Last time we did this was almost 17 years ago and things were simpler then. We didn't need to prove that we weren't terrorists, illegal immigrants or into money laundering. So a few days in Cornwall will help restore my sanity.

N for nests.
The crows have been busy nest-building. Some of the nests look quite deep. Others are shallow.
‘Why do they build them in different sizes?’ asked She Who Shall Not Be named (because she's not too bright).
‘Some are bungalows,’ said the LSO, all serious faced.
‘Oh, I didn’t know that,’ said She Who etc. believing every word.

Ochlophobia is an abnormal fear of crowds. When the LSO had his heart attacks and cardiac arrest he would dream of being in a crowd but everyone was going the opposite way to him. He had to fight his way back through them and they all wanted him to turn and go in their direction. He was worried that if he did he wouldn’t find his way home again (live). That’s enough to give anyone ochlophobia. I used this in an article for Fate & Fortune. Never waste a good idea. You can even sell your husband’s life and death experience. Actually, I did feel slightly guilty about that for a while, but I soon got over it.


  1. And the nests with little wheels are crowpervans ;-)

    I have a fear of crowds - I didn't know there was a proper name for it :-)

    Have a lovely time in Cornwell xx

  2. Have a fun time in Cornwall!

  3. Brilliant. Bungalow nests and crowpervans!

    Have a lovely break :o) xx

  4. Have a fab time in Cornwall. Do I foresee some Cornish based stories hitting the mags soon?

  5. I shall be looking out for those bungalow nests now - we've got plenty round here. Have a great holiday.