Saturday, April 14, 2012

L and M

L has to be for LSO. I once asked a group to provide me and the LSO with accommodation when I went to give a day’s workshop. ‘The LSO? London Symphony Orchestra?’ queried a worried hostess, wondering just how many beds she would need to provide. I then had to explain it’s my name for my husband, Colin, who as many people know, is often referred to as the Long Suffering One. I’ve always felt sorry for anyone who lives with or is married to a writer. It must be hell at times.

M is for Momism. It can mean excessive devotion to one’s mother or excessive mothering (what I call smothering), over protectiveness. Most Brits will consider Mom the American spelling of Mum but in the Midlands many people spell Mom with an O in the middle. I used to get into trouble at school for spelling it that way but that’s the right way in our family.


  1. Laughed at the thought of that poor woman thinking you were going to bring your own orchestra along :-) One of my kids calls me Ma which I like x

  2. I completely sympathise with your husband, Lynne - as I do with mine!

  3. You are being hard on yourself, Lynne. I think anyone who lives with another person over a long period of time is a LSO!