Monday, April 23, 2012

Maybe he's a bit OTT for a story?

The couple sat at the other end of the dining area in the pub. He had a flamboyant moustache, all slick and oiled to match his hair. She was rejecting plump for overweight and had a round plain face, peroxide blonde hair and a white wool coat. She removed this as they sat down. He ordered his meal and then decided for her. ‘And My Lady will have…’ he said as she donned her coat and sashayed outside (really) for a fag. On her return she slipped out of the coat and dragged it behind her, trailing it across the floor. I’m sure I’ve seen Marilyn Monroe  do that with a mink in one of her films. She repeated the process between courses.

We were intrigued by the pale lemon concoction, all of six inches high, which arrived as her dessert and, as they were leaving, Leanne (our daughter) asked her what she had ordered. My Lady wasn’t given a chance to answer. Mr Slick-Moustache made his way to Leanne, put an arm around her shoulder and slid a finger down the menu. ‘This,’ he pointed, breathing into Leanne’s ear.

My Lady didn’t look amused.

As soon as he turned his back Leanne shuddered. ‘He smelled of talcum powder,’ she told us.

We promptly named him Talc-man and he’ll probably end up in a story.


  1. Character with great potential.

    OTT = Oiled, Talcumed and Tedious?

  2. But WHAT WAS THE PUDDING? You have to tell us now!

    That does remind me of the couple we saw in a restaurant in Italy. He ordered (and ate) the biggest steak I have ever seen, while she just sat and watched, and ate nothing at all. I've been wondering about those two ever since.

  3. It was lemon chiffon something, Frances. I didn't take much notice - too busy making notes on Mr Oily.

  4. Love the character description! We'll just have to use our own imagination for the dessert.

  5. Eww, creepy! What a shame his moustache didn't fall off :-) My Lady is one to use too methinks x