Friday, April 20, 2012

P Q R catching up

P is for pouch. It’s in italics as it was said, and written, very quietly. It’s one of those words I hate. I like kangaroos but I prefer that they carry their newborn in their pockets.

My Quandary is that after three days away in sunny, soaking wet, freezing cold, windy and hail pelted Cornwall do I work all day to catch up or do I spread the workload over the weekend? A decision has been made. This will be a Quickie because it’s almost lunchtime and I feel in the need of a little Refocillation, which means my strength will be restored through some refreshment.

I may not like pouch but I love quandary and refocillation.


  1. I think our usual rainy weather must have headed south this week. Refocillation is a new one to me!

  2. Is it because pouch contains an ouch? I think pockets sounds nicer too.
    Refocillation is new to me too! x

  3. It's been hailing here too and, yes, never heard of refocillation either, but will try to use it in conversation and see what reaction I get (Joking, of course, but it could be an interesting experiment.