Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Writing Magazine arrived yesterday and last night I read it all the way through, except for the bits I’d written.
On page 24 there’s a feature on the Home Study courses. I was asked to contribute and was sent some questions, purely as a guideline of what they were looking for. The very first question was, How long have you been a Home Study tutor?
Cor! A very long time. Do I love it? I must do otherwise the years wouldn’t be well into double figures. Well into.
I started out by taking a postal course and it was the tutor who gave me the confidence to send out my work. It’s all about the right confidence though. Nowadays so much of it is ill-founded
confidence. One of my favourite quotes comes from Paddy Kitchin’s The Way To Write Novels. It’s about accomplished writers feeling inadequate and tending to be over-critical while the
leaden footed ones go blithely on, confident they are achieving something.’


  1. People should count themselves very lucky if they have you as a tutor, Lynne :-)
    I like the quote x

  2. I would be over the moon if you were my tutor Lynne. I did a course, one tutor was harsh, red pen through everything, which put me off for years. Then when I plucked up the courage to persevere, I landed a man who used to work on a newspaper from near my home town, and he loved everything I wrote; telling me I should send out. I think of him often, and feel glad that I carried on.

  3. I've been to one of your day courses, Lynne - a few years ago now - in a village hall in West Runton, Norfolk. I remember your 'knitting pattern' ideas for stories, 'the little bit of sparkle' you said you always added,loads of other tips (still got the notes), and how encouraging and enthusiastic about writing you were. It was a really useful day. Thank you!