Monday, April 30, 2012

Y and Z and reached the finishing line

My daughter was put off a date the other week. She was taken out for a meal only to discover her date yaffled. Ate and drank noisily. Apparently he also used his fork like a micro JCB, shovelling in his grub.
 I think I may be a zoonist. Why? Because I talk to inanimate objects. When it refuses to work, I threaten my printer with the council tip.  When my laptop was new and scary I used to switch it on and tell it I loved it. I have been known to tell a rose how beautiful it is and naturally I have always talked to trees, especially when hugging them.  The definition of zoonist is someone who believes that nature as a whole or natural objects are living beings. Nothing wrong with that.


  1. Yaffled! What a lovely word for a not very lovely thing. I am a zoonist too :-) x

  2. Oh, do you remember Professor Yaffle on Bagpuss? Lovely! Or maybe you're too young...