Friday, May 04, 2012


I am busy packing and spring cleaning our current home before we leave it next week. The shower does not look good, mostly because we have hard water here and there are lots of lime stains on the glass. On one of the shopping channels (I just happened to hop to during a rest period) I saw an amazing steam cleaner so I bought one. Not from the shopping channel but from a well known electrical store. Now my dilemma is do I wear protective clothing when steam cleaning the shower cubicle or do I go in au naturel?
I asked my daughter for some advice and she said, 'Get Dad to do it.'
She's a clever woman. Maybe I'll go with that.


  1. I'm definitely with your daughter - it's brave of you even considering doing such a job!

  2. Lynne it depends how you feel about your husband? Having said that, I'm intrigued as to how steam can remove lime scale. But then, what do I know...

    1. Just discovered it doesn't remove lime scale, Frances. It does remove other grunge but not like it does on the adverts on telly. Call me Gullible!

  3. I buy this special 'limescale remover' from the supermarket, Lynne. It works a treat (and we're in a limescale area). You just spray it on and leave it for a few moments and off it wipes. Works on showerscreens too.