Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunshine makes me happy

The sun has a positive effect on my spirits so I am going to blog about 3 Beautiful Things.
1.       My friend Trish texted to say my spinechiller is in the new Fiction Feast.

2.       My eye-test today and I’m delighted that I do not need new specs.

3.       My writing room is decorated. The LSO can put away roller and brushes for a week or so while I unpack books and boxes and make it look like my room.


  1. Totally agree. Sunshine just seems to change everything, doesn't it. Lucky you not to need new specs. But even luckier to get into TaB (again!)

  2. I do love sunshine! Hey, congrats on the sale to Fiction Feast. Well done Lynne x

  3. Glad to hear that you're thriving in the sunshine. I don't do so well with too much shade.

  4. All excellent reasons to be happy! Must try and get that Fiction Feast. I'm not so keen on the heat here as we're not used to it in the west of Scotland!