Wednesday, June 13, 2012

39 Big Sleeps

39 Big Sleeps until Writers' Holiday at Caerleon. And the bad news is that this may be the last. The college where it is held keep putting up their prices and the organisers of the Holiday are with it and are saying this might be the last. So, if you've never been you should really grab the chance now. Great tutors, great food (I once ate 27 profiteroles), fantastic atmosphere and a male voice choir to end the week. I always rave about this week. It's one of the biggest highlights of my year and I am one of those fabulous tutors, talking this year about Butterfly Writing. That's when you are not a dedicated romantic novelist or crime writer and instead flit from one subject to another. It's a good course for new writers as they can sample many types of writing, and a good one for anyone who is jaded with their work and would like to try something new. We'll all be there. Me, Jane Wenham-Jones, Kate Walker, Elaine Everest, Simon Whaley, James Nash and many more. Take a look at the website and sign up now. You'll make your money back by the end of the year because, unlike a 'normal' holiday where you get home, unpack, do the washing and then feel like you've never been away, the spirit, enthusiasm and inspiration you get at Caerleon stays with you and makes you write more for those months afterwards than anything else can.
See you there?


  1. I can't wait to go this year as I missed it last year. It's a shame that its probably the last one at Caerleon - hopefully it can continue somewhere else.

    1. I do hope so, Christine. A year without writers' holiday is unthinkable.

  2. 39 big sleeps? I'd better get cracking on my course then!

  3. Can't wait - but I'm still hoping it won't be the last one. I can't imagine what I'd do in July without it.
    And like Simon, I'd better get to work on my course too.
    See you soon!