Sunday, June 03, 2012

Three more good things

Darjeeling and chocolate fudge cake in Lady Foley’s Tea Room. This is an old Victorian place on Great Malvern station. Many years ago there was also a superb vegetarian restaurant there, called Brief Encounter. The photos of stills from the film used to hang on the walls and I was delighted to see them in Lady Foley’s.
The LSO and I chat to my brother and his wife and over-emphasise the lip and arm movements each time a train rumbles by.

Our daughter makes it official and announces on FaceBook that she is in love. We love her new man too.  


  1. It's all good, but I think the last one is best of all :-) x

  2. Lovely post Lynne. As Teresa says, though, last bit best of all :o) xx

  3. Love Malvern and absolutely adore tea shops. Not sure why - but they're such nice places to hang around in and people watch. Must have been to hundreds in my 53 years - wish I'd kept a list now.