Monday, July 30, 2012

A week ago today...

A week ago today I began my course at Caerleon. I was tutoring on the subject of Butterfly Writing, flitting from one subject to another and, during the two hours on Monday morning, we covered picture books, greetings cards, local interest books and articles, and a few other things which I can’t remember. It was a long week of late nights and early mornings and my brain’s not yet back to what passes for normal.

Sunday night had been a late one, after the opening speaker, Simon Whaley, had hurled chocolate coins at us and then joined in with our group of six for the fun quiz set by Helen Yendall and Christine Cherry.
Back to Monday and the after lunch speaker was Stephen Wade – My writing life from rhymes to crimes. There were some great afternoon sessions but I opted out of those and went for a rest instead and then it’s dinner and the evening’s main speaker, my mate, Irene Yates who hasn’t got a website, doesn’t do FaceBook, can’t blow her own trumpet so I’ll do it for her. Irene has written more than 300 books. ‘Mostly educational,’ she always adds, s if those don’t count. She was a teacher, is an expert in literacy and language, spent time working for the BBC, has written for radio etc. etc. You may have seen her name in Woman’s Weekly where her stories are so often real tear-jerkers.

And then it was back to our flatlet of five rooms which held me, Irene, Paula Williams, Trish Maw and Jane Wenham-Jones, where we all sat in the communal kitchen, drinking wine or cocoa, according to taste (I am almost tee-total) and putting the writing world to rights. Oh, and eating more chocolate.


  1. Sounds as though you had a good time! What is it with writers and chocolate? And why is chocolate sooooo much nicer than sweets?

  2. Sounds wonderful as always, Lynne and good for you blowing Irene's trumpet - quite right too x

  3. As the man throwing the chocolate I have to comment that I've never seen writers move so quickly! Put it this way... when Usain Bolt goes for the 100 metres dash, heaven help him if there's a writer in lane 1 desperate for the chocolate coin sitting on the finishing line. He doesn't stand a chance!