Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A week ago today...(Tues)

My lovely friend, the poet, James Nash and I felt much more relaxed as our first two teaching sessions had gone well. I even treated myself to a vegetarian cooked breakfast and I hardly ever eat anything other than cereals.

In the early afternoon, Steve Bowkett made me cry. He was the after lunch speaker and his story of a wayward schoolboy was a tear-jerker. Won’t tell it here because Steve may want to use it again. Then it was back to the flat for a rest but I decided to explore a corner of the campus unknown to me and ended up spending a half hour sitting by the allotments watching the beans grow, the bees buzz around their red flowers, and simply being quiet. Not easy when so many writers are all out to enjoy themselves.
The main event of the evening was my lovely friend, Val Webster, who is an expert on dance from the past. She had worked really hard to research medieval times – do you know anything about the Sumptoury Laws? – and the dances performed at that time. She deserves a medal, together with her two friends who turned up to assist her. The three of them danced in heavy velvet medieval costumes when the highest temperature in Wales being recorded outside and they were in a packed theatre where temperatures were verging on unbearable for me in a sundress.

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