Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fairground Attraction

The current serial in My Weekly is all about a funfair in the 1950s, called Fairground Attraction. It’s by the fragrant Julia Douglas and  you may be interested to know that her novel, The Showman's Girl, features a similar theme of running away with a travelling show, in this case a circus in the 1930s.
In libraries at the moment, the large print paperback follows the perilous adventures of 13-year-old Emily Brooke who grows up in the big top and falls in love with Adam Strand, a charismatic showman torn between his wife Jayne, a daredevil tight-wire walker, and Molly, the elephant trainer who's always carried a torch for him.


  1. My grandmother's twin brother ran away and joined a circus in 1928. No one knows exactly how long his adventure lasted, but he deserved a lot of admiration for following his heart.

  2. Hi Lynne, that sounds great. I went a bit miffed with My Weekly ages ago, when they decided to only accept stories from people who had already been published. I switched to People's Friend after that. I love the 50's period though, so I may pick up a copy.

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