Monday, July 09, 2012

Following on from favourite things

As Teresa Ashby mentioned my blog and the favourite things to list I thought I’d add some more personal good things. Normally I write these in my Golden Notebook.

To sit, in rare evening sunshine, on a bench halfway up the Worcestershire Beacon (highest hill in Worcestershire and part of the Malvern Hills) and drink in the views. Over to Hay Bluff, Wales, on one side and across my beloved homeland on the other. Misty church spires tell me which town or village I am seeing. Pershore Abbey, Gloucester Cathedral… and ahead of me, half hidden by trees, there is Eastnor Castle with its medieval turrets, though it was built in the 1800s by what we’d call here – a rich Brummie.

To spend time with Donna, our surrogate daughter, who is visiting from her home in Sydney. To hug her after such a long time with only FB contact and an occasional phone call.
To get a shock email from long lost son. Twelve years of not hearing a word and then, finally, a short email, allowing us hope.


  1. Your Golden Notebook must be filling up fast, Lynne :-) So so happy for you xx

  2. How lovely about the 'shock email' Lynne. Hope is always a great thing - it is something that is always there, we just have to believe in it! x

    1. Thanks, Diane. I believe we always get what we want but sometimes it takes a long time.

  3. Fingers crossed for more good things to enter into that Golden Notebook.

  4. May your Golden Notebook be filled up fast with many happy things and dreams and hopes come true Lynne. :o) xx