Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tour de Floods

It was going to be lunch with my brother and his wife. It turned into an adventure and a kids’ game of Dare. My brother and I are never going to grow up.

Just outside Tenbury a sign said ‘Road Closed. Flood.’ My brother said, ‘Let’s take a look,’ and drove around the sign. The flood didn’t look too bad and we decided to drive through. And the little line of cars that had followed us kept following,  apart from one old man who turned back. The next flood  looked worse.  We sat and stared at it for a while before I dared my brother to drive through it, so he did. Water cascaded either side of us as we ploughed through to the far side. Easy! Not many cars were behind us now. When it came to turning left towards the pub we were having lunch at the water was halfway up the railings and at least three feet deep. ‘Wimp,’ I said as my brother turned back and carried on. Half a mile further on there was a major flood and a van stuck in the middle of it. We turned around and found a lane going uphill. But ups eventually go down and we tackled several more floods before we got our well-deserved lunch.
This morning someone told me about a cartoon he’d seen of a woman holding a dog lead, on the end of which was a fish.

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  1. At least the sun always shines at Caerleon, heh?