Friday, August 03, 2012

And it's time to go

The funny thing about Caerleon is you never want it to end and then, by Thursday night, you realise another night would be way beyond your capability. I always feel sorry for the tutors on a Friday morning because half the class are suffering from hangovers. Not me. I rarely drink. But I was reaching the point of total exhaustion. However, it was off to class where I wrote down my five aims for the future and then spent a happy ten minutes or so drawing Olympic rings and colouring them in, then adding my aims into each. And the reward was a gold medal. You can see me and the rest of the class holding up our medals if you visit the FaceBook page for Writers’ Holiday.

It’s always a bit upsetting, kissing and hugging everyone goodbye on Friday lunchtime. It would have been unbearable if this had been the last ever Writers’ Holiday but it’s not. Gerry and Anne have managed to organise another for 2013. If this had been the last we would have ended the hottest week of the year in a deluge of salty tears.
After 12 hours sleep I was raring to get going and did so for a couple of days before hitting a brick wall. I’ve had to have a couple of days resting but I’m ready to go again now and earn that medal.


  1. Sad to say goodbye but sounds like so many wonderful memories to cherish, and then there's next year :-)

  2. Great that your beloved Carleaon will be once more in 2013 Lynne. Sounds as if you've had a fantastic and wonderfully motivational time :o) xx