Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fancy a weekend away?

I’ve just been over to to check out what my mate’s been doing. Not a lot, as usual. Apart from promoting herself – something I’ve spent the afternoon doing by emailing loads of writing groups and anyone else I can think of who might like to listen to me going on about how to write.
Back to Jane. She has a clever thingy on her blog which is counting down the days to the NAWG Festival. In case anyone doesn’t know NAWG stands for National Association of Writing Groups. This year’s festival is in Nottingham and I am going to be there at some time over the weekend together with Jane who is the speaker on Saturday night.

There’s still time to join us. For all the details of the festival – tutors, speakers etc. go to
Only joking about Jane not doing a lot.


  1. Having been one who has had the privilege of hearing you 'going on about how to write' I hope the promoting yourself brings lots of dividends Lynne. :o) xx

  2. Hy Lynne, great post, and looking forward to reading your People's Friend story about the dancing. I've left you an award over on my blog if you want it.