Saturday, August 25, 2012

Go on. Take it!

I’m feeling a bit of a fraud here because I was in a very uncreative mood and couldn’t think what to blog about when this award arrived via Susanjanejones’s blog. I’m supposed to pass the award on to six other blogs but I think it’s done the rounds by now so if anyone hasn’t had the award and you’re sensible enough to visit my blog then you deserve it! Go on, take it!
Now I have to tell you ten things about myself.
1.       I’m with Jane Wenham-Jones when it comes to writing. If you can use your own life instead of doing any research it makes things a whole lot easier. You can read about Jane’s opinions on research, and see a picture of her in the altogether, in the new Writers’ Forum in an article written by my friend, Anita Loughrey.
2.       This week I’ve read a children’s book, pre-teens, Racing Start by Lynne Hackles. It’s the first time I’ve ever actually read the book. It was published in 1991.
3.       In the past few weeks I’ve been asked by two different people to sign their copy of Racing Start. This is probably because I’ve been going out to cycle races, on the track and a closed circuit and I’ve been going because this summer the LSO became a commissaire for British Cycling. I’m so proud of him.
4.       At this very moment I’m pretending to be working whilst the LSO (Long Suffering One) is painting the living room. I’m updating Racing Start.
5.       I’ve got to hurry this because I missed Stargate last Saturday night and need to catch up and it’s on in 25 minutes.
6.       Currently, I’m working on two books at the same time. One I have a contract for.
7.       That one with the contract – it said to be delivered in two years so I’ve spent eighteen months doing nothing and am now beginning to panic.
8.       I found a beautiful white feather in the garden. It’s now on my desk and I use it to clean my keyboard.
9.       I often clean my keyboard when I’m stuck with the writing.
10.   Yesterday I saw a static home for sale and had this crazy idea about buying it and living there and selling all our belongings. It’s a good job the LSO has his feet firmly on the ground.


  1. Love that list Lynne, you're so funny. I would love that static home idea as well, but it would never hold all my books.

    1. I suppose you could get a Kindle. I gave up on that idea when I discovered the site was child friendly. The last thing I want is kids running around when I'm working. Been there. Done that.
      Thanks for the award.

  2. *Wipes eyes* you never fail to make me chuckle Ms. Hackles, and it's equally funny and ironic that after giving you a versatile blogger award many moons ago, I stopped writing, blogging and having much at all to do with the writery world shortly after. But on my return you mention there is a programme that should not be missed. I have a book of SG1 scripts and reading them reminds me that whilst the actors were brilliant, the writing was fantastic too. Sooo funny...enjoy! (I'm sure it's far too geeky to ask whether it's SG1, SGA or SGU you're watching, so I won't :D )

    1. Glad you're writing again. I lopved the original series of Stargate, not too fond of SGA and am enjoying SGU at the moment.
      A geek? Moi? Never!