Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hot Thursday

Two more sessions with Solange and I was motivated and a bit hyper so told the class what my aim was and invited them all to email me and ask how I was getting on.

After lunch I was on The 2012 Panel Of Speakers, together with Simon Whaley, Kate Walker, Stephen Wade, Brad Ashton, Alison and Malcolm Chisolm and Irene Yates. Jane Wenham-Jones fielded the questions from the audience and it was a fun hour with serious and funny questions.
We all then had a couple of hours to rest and prepare for the final evening which is always a concert by the Cwmbach Male Voice Choir. This year it was so hot I chickened out as I reached the door to the theatre and opted to sit in the little courtyard garden to listen. Had a lovely chat with the kitchen staff who had come out for a break. They are all lovely and were great supporters when I was on Deal Or No Deal. I had to send them a postcard to let them know what date my show was so they didn’t miss it.

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  1. You were busy. The panel of speakers sounds awesome. What an experience for you! x