Friday, August 31, 2012

Lynne's little piggie

One Big Sleep and I’m off to the NAWG Festival at Nottingham. I would have liked to have gone for the whole weekend but couldn’t manage it this time.
I may have to go barefoot. I split my little toe-nail – I don’t know how but it’s from top to bottom and it keeps bleeding.  All say Aaaah! I’m one of those squeamish people who can pass out at the sight of blood. Fortunately the LSO is made of sterner stuff. He’s checked my toe, pronounced it nasty – at which I had a fit of the vapours – and then informed me amputation is unlikely. That word, amputation, meant I had to lie down for half an hour and drink lots of tea for the shock. The LSO bandaged my toe, without an anaesthetic , until it was twice its normal size and won’t squeeze into any of my gorgeous shoes.
The weird thing is that I tried on some glorious boots in a sale and said I’d need to lop off my little toes to make them fit. (Be careful what you say. The Universe is listening.) And then Betty was telling me about the original Cinderella story where the ugly sisters cut off their toes so that the fur slipper fitted. Yes, it was fur, not glass.

Did anyone tell you that limping in stilettos is the new look?


  1. Ooh painful, Lynne - I've done that with my little toe-nail in the past. Amazing how something so tiny can hurt so much!

    Thank goodness for the ministrations of the LSO :-)

    Hope you have a lovely time at the NAWG festival xx

  2. But Lynne - you can't wear boots! It's only August!

    Sorry about the toe. But have a great time.

  3. Sounds painful (I'm wincing for you!) But hopefully the festival will take your mind off it.