Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What happened Wednesday?

What happened Wednesday? My tutoring stint came to an end. I was exhausted (after giving my all) and decided to go back to my room and do some work on my book for the rest of the morning but men were working outside, it was hot, I was tired… all excuses. What I really needed was some motivation so I went along to Make It Happen In 2012! Solange Hando led this course and she was inspirational. Since arriving home I have worked harder than I’ve ever done, and more methodically, thanks to Solange.

Wednesday afternoons are always quiet on campus because many delegates choose to go off on one of the three coach excursions. I stayed home and went to sleep. Correction. Had a power nap. The after dinner speaker was Jane Wenham-Jones, yet another lovely friend. I have so many since I’ve been going to Writers’ Holiday. Her talk, as always, was hilarious – A Strange Way to Make A Living – The highs and lows of writing today.  

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