Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm H..A..P..P..Y

Anita Loughrey has been staying with me for a couple of days. Our throats are sore from so much talking.
Anita’s timing was good. She chose the week that a group of local writers meet up for lunch. We go to Puccini’s in Friar Street, Worcester where the food is excellent, the staff are brilliant and the vanilla-pod icecream with hot chocolate fudge sauce is addictive.

We are a mixed bunch, including several novelists, a writer of Westerns, a writer of M&B Regency romance, an educational writer, playwright and short story writers. And me. We may mention what we are working on, we might ask for help but mostly we chat and laugh and have a great time.
After those eight years in West Wales, it’s wonderful to be back home,  among friends and fellow writers and always with the Malvern Hills in the background.


  1. How lovely! Good food, in the company of like minded people, fun and laughter - and back home. So pleased for you Lynne :o) xx

  2. I am so Happy that you are Happy, Lynne - you are home where you belong and amongst lovely friends :-) x

  3. 'Happy' is a destination that eludes so many. Glad you've found it.

  4. I'm also very happy for you Lynne; after so many years in the wasteland, you're enjoying life among like-minded friends. I see you're writing more than ever, so happiness equals productivity!

    1. Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments.

  5. I'm sure Anita is happy this week with her stories being serialised in The Guardian, too!

  6. Using that word = Giygas reference