Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Post NAWG Festival

I must be getting old. It’s that or the HRT isn’t working properly because after one night at the NAWG Festival in Nottingham I returned home exhausted.
It was a good weekend and I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend more time there. An awful lot of work is done by very few people in order to keep the festival going and, year on year, it seems to improve. Even when you think it can’t get better.

I was there for the Gala dinner where the prizes were presented to the winners of the NAWG competitions. These are always free to enter and you’ll find information on the website. www.nawg.co.uk
After the prize presentation Jane Wenham-Jones took to the stage – her natural habitat – and entertained the audience. Then we all retired to the reception area where everyone was given a chance to sparkle for four minutes. Even the total newbies had a go and, I think, were pleased with the reception their work received. Finally I sloped off to bed, just after midnight. An early bird. So many of the others stayed up and Steve Bowkett must have a portrait in his attic because no way should he have looked so bushy-tailed the next morning after partying until after 3am.

If you belong to a writers’ group and they don’t belong to NAWG, ask them why? It’s a good organisation to be part of. I’ve always thought writers groups should get together more often.
And now I’ll shut up but leave you with the promise of a few guest bloggers arriving here in the very near future. First up is Jane Jackson. Watch this space.

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  1. It was excellent, Lynne. But, as you say, exhausting!