Thursday, September 13, 2012

We met at The Boston Tea Party

We met at The Boston Tea Party. No, it’s not a title for a novel. There’s a café with that name in Worcester and that’s where I arranged to meet Abigail Williams.  I told her I’d be carrying a lime green handbag and thought about the rolled up Times (I’d use Take A Break) and a pink carnation (don’t do pink). I left it at the bag. We had a wonderful time. Non-stop chat. And I’ve found a lovely new friend.

Wonderful Wednesday continued when I got home to find a copy of That’s Life! Fast Fiction on the mat. How lovely of Anthony, the editor, to include a signed compliment slip. And lovely to see so many friends in the magazine – cyber-sister Glynis Scrivens, Doug McPherson, Diane Fordham, and I’d include the rest of you but it would mean getting up and going downstairs to find FF.
So how did I continue this lovely day? I visited Betty who’d bought some ‘hair string’ from a shopping channel. You rubbed this cream between your palms, pulled your hands apart slowly et  voila ‘hair string’ appeared and then had to be gently rubbed into Betty’s hair. By the time I’d finished she looked like Dolly Parton (from the neck up). We congratulated ourselves and went for a cuppa, and as we drank it I watched her bouffant slowly sink. And we topped our teacups up with tears of laughter.

As you can probably tell by now my favourite word of the day is Lovely!  So I’ll end on another lovely offer. If you enjoyed or are enjoying Jane Jackson’s A Place of Birds then you can download The Iron Road which is free for four days from today. Then The Eye of the Wind is free from 19th to 23rd September. Go on. Be lovely and tell your friends.


  1. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. Sounds like you had a great day.

  2. I bet the Hair String turns up in a short story ...