Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Not our car!

Betty, born and bred in Yorkshire, reckoned it was God’s Own County we were taking a holiday in. We spent last week in Yorkshire and Betty had it wrong. It was God’s Own Swimming Pool.

Our holiday cottage was set on a hill. Lucky for us. We had fantastic views of floodwater where the roads and fields should be. And each day we watched as the island a JCB was parked on grew smaller and smaller. Then the waters receded.
Did I stop us from enjoying ourselves? No! We’d tackled floods before and drove through most, exploring the beautiful Dales. And, as if we hadn’t had enough water, we spent our final day of the holiday on a canal boat.


  1. That's what I call keeping your bottle half full, and your spirits up. Good on you.

  2. I am so grateful that we live on a hill! Water is beautiful in its place, but not when it's lapping round the legs of your favourite armchair! I feel s sorry for those affected. A total nightmare.

  3. I am so glad the floods didn't spoil your well earned holiday :-) x

  4. And I bet those flood waters provided you with plenty of inspiration for writing too, Lynne!

  5. Glynis Scrivens10 October, 2012 06:17

    We could do with some of that rain over here in Brisbane. Floods here last year, and now week after week without rain.
    A canal boat sounds fun

  6. Glad you had a great time despite the weather. We were there shortly before you and just missed the terrible rains luckily - still a great place to explore, whatever the weather, even if you do have to go by boat!