Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Introducing Cedric

In the first paragraph of a short story, or on the first page of a novel you have a hook which draws readers in. It keeps them reading. I tried the same technique on my blog by referring to Cedric. And, as you all wanted to know who he is I'll tell you.
When my brother, Phil, was six years old he bought Cedric from a jumble sale. (My brother is now approaching sixty.) I don't know what he paid but he sold Cedric to me for sixpence (old money) and Phil never did anything, even at that tender age, without making a profit.

Cedric was an ornament for many years but one day, after I'd read a book about decluttering and set about  doing some, I realised that Cedric was neither beautiful nor useful and, according to the rules, would have to go. I took another look at him, his slender neck, his poor broken beak. I thought of the many years we'd spent together and decided to keep him. All I needed to do was find him a job and he'd become useful . Guess what he became really good at?


  1. And now he's found his proper roll in life!

  2. Ah lucky Cedric - useful at last. No longer bottom of the pile!! :o) xx

    1. I should be giving a prize for the best response. Rolls and bottoms. What next, I wonder?

  3. It would have been a bum wrap if you'd gone ahead and got rid of dear old Cedric ;-) x

  4. Soft and long and awfully strong, Cedric holds the key to a clean fresh bum. Useful and beautiful all in one.xx

  5. Cedric may have been homely, but he sure cleans up nice.