Friday, November 09, 2012

Some writing tools

I've been having a look around to see if I could find something to amuse you and I came up with this.

I bought this golden slipper from a junk/antique shop. 'What do you want that for?' asked the LSO. I didn't really know at the time but now it's proving useful as a pen holder on my desk.
And what are these? A couple of useful tools. The green pointing finger is a pen and it lights up in the dark so no more scrawling notes in the pitch blackness. And no, that's not a feather. It's a keyboard cleaner.

And those of you with sharp sight will note that in the background is a pebble. It was given to me by my good friend, Sue Johnson, and on it, in gold, it says Magic Happens.

Perhaps I'll show you Cedric soon. I've had him a very long time and he's very useful.


  1. That shoe reminds me of a brandy snap. Oh, and who is Cedric?

  2. I love that golden slipper! My pen pot is an old Body Shop oil burner - yours is much more glamorous - and yes, Cedric's turn next :-) x

  3. That looks magical. I have a big fat buddah smiling at me while I'm writing. He's cheerful.

  4. I kept my pens in a Mummy beaker my daughter bought me for Mother's Day years ago, such lovely words - and recently it fell off my desk and broke :o(
    Yes - who is Cedric? :o) xx

  5. Golden slipper, useful feather, glowing pen, lucky pebble and the mysterious Cedric ... you're not writing a fantasy novel by any chance, are you?
    I keep my pens and pencils in a plastic pot, perhaps I need to be more imaginative.