Monday, December 17, 2012

Something in common with SPOTY

Out of the first year's money I made at writing, many moons ago, I bought myself a bicycle. Not any old bike. Mine was hand-built, made-to-measure, weighed less than my handbag and was sprayed to match my nail varnish. I used it to time-trail and to go for 100 mile rides each Sunday. My son raced and ended up as a semi-professional on the Continent. My daughter raced because she discovered that the cycling club was made up of dozens of good looking boys. The LSO raced too.

These days my bike hangs in the shed but I still go out to races as the LSO (Long Suffering One - husband) is a British Cycling Commissaire. That's referee to you.

Last night we voted, naturally, for Bradley Wiggins as BBC's Sports Personality of The Year. (SPOTY). Bradley's achievements this year are phenomenal. He has a great sense of humour. Gone are his sideburns. He now sports a haircut that makes him look as if he's gone back to the Sixties and is a member of The Small Faces.

No-one knows what Bradley will say when he gets a microphone in his hand and last night was no exception. He thanked his team and his Gran. 'Nan, the cheque’s in the post because you pressed redial God knows how many times!' he said.

Bradley and I have Frivolous in common (see earlier post) so I get it when he said, 'I’m just going to say thank you to everyone who picked the phone up and voted. We’ve had all that jungle stuff and the X Factor in the last couple of weeks so for people to pick up the phone and pay to vote, thanks.' He wasn't being disrespectful as some online comments suggest. He was being Wiggo. He definitely has the P in SPOTY.


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  1. He has a quirky sense of humour hasn't he Lynne? I love the way he kept calling Sue Barker Susan. It made her laugh as well. Cheeky chappy, makes a change from the smarmy politicians and media chaps.