Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Very Inspiring Blogger! Moi!?

I've always considered my blog as rambling, not inspiring so thanks to Simon  Whaley for passing on this award. I don't usually bother taking awards but it's Boxing Day and we are all flopping about doing nothing so why don't I try to come up with 7 reasons why I started writing.

Here goes.
1. I had two brothers, both younger than me and I made up stories for them.
2. I was good at 'composition' at junior school and my teachers encouraged and had faith in me. Thank you Miss Duignan, Miss Tipper and Mr Hymas.

3. My writing wasn't appreciated at Grammar School so it got more daring, just to piss off the teachers. They'd be the late Miss Davies and Miss Renwick.
4. I had to stay in bed for a year because that's how bad backs were treated then. I would lie there and make up stories and the kids would bring all their friends to the bedroom to hear stories.

5. I got back on my feet and wrote a children's book, thinking I'd get a book deal and have Walt Disney on the phone.
6. I started writing with markets in mind and had work accepted. The extra money paid for treats and sometimes covered the gas bill.

7. I reached a certain age and decided to go for it, full-time, and I've never regretted that decision. Thank you to all the friends and family (especially the LSO)who supported me along the way.


  1. Yes. Inspiring indeed....thanks for sharing!

  2. Always inspiring Lynne, and funny and quirky. Hope you've had a good Christmas and all the best for a healthy, happy 2013 :o) xx

  3. Congratulations, Lynne. Thank god bad backs aren't treated like that anymore, though, eh?!