Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What do you do...

What do you do when the builders are in and the kitchen is out of bounds? The door to it is closed and sealed with a dust-sheet while part of the wall is knocked out ready for a steel beam to be put in, prior to the whole wall being knocked out in order to extend the kitchen.
What I do is get hungry. There's no way I can get near the biscuit tin, or the cake tin or the chocolate tin. Why didn't I think of moving them first thing this morning? I can't make tea or toast.
So, what do I do? I sit in my writing room and work. I've cleared my desk, balanced the banking, found some writers to interview, answered some queries from another writer and polished a short story. I really deserve chocolate.


  1. Surely you have a secret stash, somewhere other than the kitchen?

  2. Not even a chocolate snowman! Must put this right and hide some in lots of places, like that girl in the Galaxy advert. Thanks for such an obvious solution.