Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A prize for something sexy

My daughter has tried many jobs. I only had about sixty. So far she's had 107. She's from the Del-Boy School of Commerce and is often heard to say, 'This time next year we'll be millionaires.' So what's she up to now? Pop over to and take a look.

WARNING -  My sister just did exactly that and said, 'I ventured onto the site - and beat a hasty retreat. It should do well.'

 Daughter is using descriptions for each day of the week - Flirty Friday, Sexy Sunday, Thongs on Thursday. My lovely friend, Betty and I came up with Winceyette Wednesday, Thermal Thursday and Flanelette Friday. If you can come up with some sexy descriptions (Unlike mine and Betty's) for all the days of the week I'll pass them on to Daughter who will choose a winner who will get a copy of Ghostwriting - how to write for others or you could choose Writing From Life (2nd edition).



  1. Just had a look. There are sections of the site that certainly have a buzz about them!

  2. Ooh I say! What about Minxy Monday, Tempting Tuesday, Wow-Factor Wednesday, Thrilling Thursday, Frothy Friday, Saucy Saturday and Slinky Sunday?

    I quite enjoyed that ...

  3. Minxy Monday, Titillating Tuesday, Wanton Wednesday, Thrills on Thursday, Foxy Friday, Sensuous Saturday and (after all that) Satisfied Sunday.

    (Husband is watching football. Thanks for the distraction, Lynne!)

    1. Oh dear. Just seen Karen's above. I wasn't copying. Honestly...

  4. Hehe - what fun!!

    Mindbending Monday, Tarty Tuesday, Winsome Wednesday, Throbbing Thursday, Fireworks Friday, Sensational Saturday, Spontanaiety Sunday

  5. Keep them coming!
    Linger Longer

  6. Mysterious Monday, Tantalising Tuesday, Whoo-hoo Wednesday, Tender Thursday, Feast-your-eyes Friday, Sumptuous Saturday and Saucy Sunday - I'm not very good at this am I :-) x

    1. I don't know Teresa - Sunday spounds interesting!
      Linger Longer Lingerie

  7. A writer's approach:
    Muck-it-up Monday
    Tear-it-up Tuesday
    We'll-let-you-know Wednesday
    Throw-it-in-the-bin Thurday
    Faffing-about Friday
    Sieze-the-day Saturday
    Start-it-all-again-from-the-beginning Sunday!

    Margaret P

  8. Too Tired on a Monday
    Maybe if you're lucky on a Tuesday
    Forget it on a Wednesday
    Quickie on a Thurdays
    Wine helps on a Friday
    Definately on a Saturday
    Too busy on a Sunday.
    Not very romantic - but probably true to life - especially if you have kids!!

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  10. Momentous Monday
    Tremendous Tuesday
    Wicked Wednesday
    Thoughtful Thursday
    Frivolous Friday
    Salacious Saturday
    Sinful Sunday!

  11. I think Gerry should put this site up on the big screen at Caerleon this year!

  12. Good luck to your daughter. I had a look at her website but I'm afraid the picture on the home page just gave me the shivers (and not of excitement!) Perhaps I'll visit again when I'm brave enough to discard my winter thermals ... :)

  13. I've got one of your books and it's fab, how about, mmmmm Monday, Tantalising Tuesday, Wicked wednesday, Thoroughly thrilling Thursday, Flaming hot Friday, So sexy Saturday and Sunday Sensations. I didn't look at the other, so didn't copy, if they're the same. I'd like the ghost book if you choose me Lynne, thanks.

  14. In case any of you are checking to see if I've picked a winner yet, the answer is no. I'm leaving it for another couple of days and then my daughter will choose a winner. I'll announce it soon.

  15. It must be amazing to be closer as age to your daughter. My mom had me at 40 :(. Good luck to her in her projects :).

  16. I have launched for a calmer approach! Beauty begins from the bottom, it comes from the bottom of your heart and then seeps into the top of your suspenders.
    There will be some nice nightwear on there too if you want to treat yourself to a little luxury to sleep with!
    I will let Mom know the winner and will use on the facebook site - which in just 17 days has 1074 likes... what does that tell you about the recession!!