Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jimmy Savile didn't touch me

Jimmy Savile didn't touch me. He gave me a hug and he smelled of baby talc. I was at Stoke Manderville Hospital with my family. The kids were at school back then and, with friends, had raised money for Jimmy Savile's appeal to rebuild Stoke Manderville. When I wrote to tell him what they'd done he invited us there to meet him. He hugged us all. Then he took us on a guided tour of the wards. I'll never forget it. All those gorgeous young men paralysed after being injured in motorcycle and rugby accidents. As we passed their beds Jimmy spoke to each of them. He knew their names, joked, and made them laugh.
I can't remember being groped. I've asked my daughter and she says she can't remember either. Perhaps if we tried hard enough we might recall something. Others have managed it after three or four decades. I'm not saying they weren't abused. I'm just reporting my experience of meeting the man.


  1. I'm not doubting for one moment that he did many dreadful things to many children but, being the cynic I am, I can't help wondering if there isn't just the teeniest bit of what you might call 'jumping on the band wagon'.

  2. Lynne, we were talking about JS only yesterday, and I was saying I can't believe all his charitable work was done with an ulterior motive.what he did was evil, of course. But there are always more than one side to any of us. Thank you for posting this balanced account of your experience. It's so much easier to condemn than to understand, isn't it.

  3. Nice post - unfortunately good news doesnt sell many newspapers.