Thursday, January 03, 2013

New day resolutions

Forget New Year Resolutions.  Every day is a new day. The Universe sent me this recently, which reminds me what to do with each new day. (Don't forget, if you want the Universe to send you a daily message, visit
Official Top Ten Spiritual Ways to Defeat Boredom, Make Friends, Find Love, Trim Down, Shape Up, Discover Your Purpose, Make a Fortune, and Shine Your Light, are...

1. Take action.
2. Show up.
3. Lean into it.
4. Start anywhere.
5. Keep busy.
6. Get out more.
7. Ask for help.
8. Shake more hands.
9. Give more hugs.
10. Don't stop.


  1. Some good advice there - 'start anywhere' is particularly good (and good timing for me to read that - have been tentatively circling a story for too long!)

    All the best to you, Lynne, for 2013.

  2. All sound good to me Lynne, Happy New Year.

  3. A note of caution. Don't trim down so much that you can only shape up like a pencil.

    Happy New Year, Lynne!

  4. Couldn't agree more. Never been one for New Year's resolutions. If you want to do something, start today! Happy New Year, Lynne!

  5. I love the list - and maybe some I need to work on!