Monday, February 04, 2013

Guest blogger - Jane Wenham-Jones

As I mentioned my mate, Jane, in my last blog I thought I'd ask her if she'd like to be a guest and answer a few of my questions. And I thought I'd begin with her latest offering, 100 Ways To Fight The Flab - A Wannabe's Guide To A Better Bottom. Here we go-

Why a diet book Jane? You’re no lardy arse.
Ah but I should be - you've seen how many crisps I eat!! I am not particularly thin either but it is a miracle of modern science that I'm not clinically obese. Not when you look at my chocolate and wine intake. So I thought I would share my strategies with the world. Also - people often say they enjoyed the chapter on Writer's Bottom in Wannabe a Writer? (Which features wisdom from your good self, remember?) so I thought it would be fun to expand on that (no pun intended).

How many of these tips have you used yourself?
All of them with the possible exception of the great sex :-) (Oh and I haven't got a dog).

Why don’t you stop drinking? That’d save sooo many calories.
Don't be silly.

What’s the latest news on your latest novel, Prime Time?
Ah - this is very exciting. Prime Time, I am thrilled to report has been shortlisted for the Romantic Comedy category of the RoNas (Romantic Novel of the Year awards). See all about it here or here

Richard and Judy are presenting the prizes on 26th February at an award ceremony, that it just so happens I was already helping to compere. So looking forward to that hugely. I won't win - up against some brilliantly funny writers - but it is lovely to be on the list.

What’s on your horizon?
Following my own tips with renewed vigour so I can get into my newest frock (see above). And then am interviewing both Peter James and Fern Britton at the Chipping Norton Book Festival April 20/21st and then am off to to teach/speak from 27th April. Various other things coming up too. See

You can see the fab flab competition there too and WIN a place at Chez-Castillon in September...
Thanks Jane. See you soon. Unless you're standing sideways on.



  1. Great interview Lynne and Jane. I love the humour you inject into your writing.

  2. Fantastic interview Lynne and Jane. Great start to my Tuesday morning. :o) xx

  3. Oh no Jane. Is your book only on Kindle? I haven't got one - I just LOVE books! :0(

  4. Sue, if you go to Kindle books on Amazon you can download a Kindle app so you can read books on your computer. It's free and easy to do. I got it right first time!

  5. Yay! Done it. And bought Jane's book too. I have laughed out loud countless times already. Absolutely brilliant writing but mixed in with some jolly sensible advice too. Would definitely recommend. :o) xx