Friday, February 01, 2013

The C-Plan

Jane Wenham-Jones borrowed my C-Plan idea for her new book - 100 Ways to Fight The Flab - a wannabe guide to a better bottom.
Now I know that Jane and I cheated at this plan and, as she mentions, ate French Fries and Gateau but if you don't cheat (difficult) it does work. I promise you. I've used it myself many times when I've needed to lose a few pounds. I don't eat anything beginning with C unless it's a fruit or vegetable. Hence carrots and cauliflower are fine.

It's weird but when you think of it everything that tastes good begins with C. Chocolate for starters. And how about cake, crisps, cream, cheese… I'm sure you can add more to the list to save me from doing it.
The C-Plan is just one of the 100 ideas Jane offers in her book. If I had to describe her book in a simple phrase I'd say it's got a split personality. That's because it's part fun and laugh out loud, and part sensible and properly researched. So, if you have a few pounds to lose before Spring there are another 99 ideas on offer. And buy this book on Kindle and it'll cost you around the price of a Mars Bar (giant size - are there are other?).
(And think how good you'll look in that sexy lingerie you bought from


  1. Hi Lynne, I've just started reading Jane's book on my Kindle and loving it. Full of her typical humour. Haven't go to the C-plan yet, but was gobsmacked because I thought the same thing in 2012 and was going to call it, yes you've guessed it, the C-diet. For a few weeks I cut out foods beginning with C, they are all highly calorific for some odd reason and did lose a few pounds... but couldn't stay off the cappucinos and choc for too long.

  2. Isn't that strange, didn't realise so many things like that began with c. I've just had a chocolate ice-cream for pudding, so I'll try tomorrow...