Friday, March 01, 2013

Is it an omen?

Just as we are selling our house, my story about selling a house appears in My Weekly. I'm taking that as an omen.
Moving house is supposedly a stressful experience. My take on that is it's only stressful if you allow it to be. Mind you, it's brought my memories of an aborted course on Feng Shui to the fore. Of course I need to clean the mirrors. Dirty mirrors = bad Feng Shui. Fresh flowers are good but dead ones are bad so my latest hobby is flower sorting. Anything with a brown edge to a petal has to go. Out of the huge bunch I bought a fortnight ago, three yellow heads remain from tiny carnations and they're in a titchy vase the size of a small egg-cup.

The LSO is suffering. 'What do you mean, you're going to the bathroom?' I shout. ' We've got viewers in five minutes. Don't you dare fart in there. And make sure you put the seat down.'
Get the picture? Life at home could become slightly frazzled if I let it. Actually, all these little things are being stored to use in a short story later. On reading this, before posting it, I realise that the LSO might feel a tad frazzled. I'll ask him when he gets back. If he comes back… Maybe he's gone somewhere to break wind in peace.

For my new followers - LSO is Long Suffering One, my partner of so many years.


  1. I haven't moved house for over fifteen years but I remember how stressful it was (which is probably why I haven't repeated the exercise!) I'm just off to check my flowers - you've worried my now!

  2. I nearly choked on my cuppa! Poor LSO and the forbidden farts!

    I used to love moving house. I liked all the packing up and organisation. Last time was too long ago, so I don't know if I'd still enjoy it :-) x

  3. I remember when Feng Shui was all the rage years ago, and rearranged our bedroom accordingly - ended up crashing into the dressing table and almost dislocating a hip!

    Hope your move goes smoothly :o)

  4. Glynis Scrivens02 March, 2013 10:03

    I should probably move house every decade to stop me accumulating "useful things"- we've been in our home thirty years now, and I have the clutter to prove it. You're becoming a seasoned house mover. Will this be the last time, do you think?

  5. When I decided to sell the house, I tidied up, cleared and Feng Shui'd, then I thought how lovely the house looked and couldn't possibly move just then. Never say never though, but you need josticks. Then again if your buyer is allergic to them could work the wrong way.

  6. Are you baking lots of fresh bread too? to tempt the buyers?

  7. Great story Lynne. Really enjoyed it :o) xx