Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let me know if I do this, will you?

I started reading a library book this morning in which every other chapter is written in the first person. The I word was used so many times I began reading it aloud, removing the offending I's.
A little later the following sentence made me laugh and then wonder how on earth it got passed by the writer and editor.

Lucy shook her head and then put it down on the table. (Can you picture it?)
One of my favourites was passed on by a friend who read the following in a student's assignment.

He rolled his eyes at her and she rolled hers back at him. (Rather like a game of marbles.)
Have you spotted any gems?


  1. H a ha - that made me laugh! It does make you wonder how some things get through the editors.

  2. That would do as your giggle blog Lynne. So funny. Makes us know the value of editors and proof readers.

  3. My late husband, then a teacher, spotted the following woodwork report for one of the boys:

    James has worked hard all term, and managed to produce a small stool.

  4. Hi Lynne - me again. There is an award for you over on my blog - just pop over for details.