Monday, March 04, 2013

News about superheroes

Susan Jane Jones is blogging every month about a giggle moment. See
My giggle moment came a couple of days ago. We were driving very slowly, due to traffic, through the shopping centre and I was telling the LSO how Robin was going to die next week, killed by his evil clone. That's Batman's Robin in DC Comics, in case you're wondering. And as I was imparting this interesting information I saw Superman walk past. Honestly! He was out delivering to shops, dressed in full Superman kit, underpants over the onesie, and complete with cloak.
When you've lived in Malvern for a few years nothing surprises you.


  1. Robin's going to die? Superman pants and all delivering leaflets!!! What a scream. Superman I mean not Robin - he can't die. Where do you read that comic? Thanks for the giggle, and the mention. Wonder what Superman was promoting? Maybe a theme park ready for Easter... Isn't life funny when you look around Lynne?

  2. You wouldn't have been giggling if he'd overheard your comment about Robin! How strange. If you put such a coincidence in a story people would say it was too far-fetched.

  3. It's me again, did you see the Bradford Batman on the news? They're popping up everywhere aren't they?

  4. I didn't see the Bradford Batman. Maybe I'll Google him.
    As for Robin dying I read about it on Book2Book which is a daily email of book trade news.