Monday, April 08, 2013

Bigger! Bluer! Better?

Yes, it's bigger than my white rabbit.
Yes, it's bluer. And it's fun.
That's my daughter standing in front of the ten foot hippo she found.
No, it's not better.
My rabbit was made of stone, or at least concrete and we had a sensible chat. I bet this hippo is just full of hot air.


  1. Your white rabbit was ubdoubtedly better, Lynne. This hippo is either a convict or has just got out of bed. Either win!

  2. I prefer rabbit too, but I'd have loved to stick a pin in hippo and see him rasping around the car park. Tee heeee....

  3. Nope ladies - it's a draw! Purely because, although the white rabbit was cuter, had more going for it and chatted lots, the photo of the hippo was taken by my fella and he wasn't a bit embarrassed. Now that I'm not used to! I may too have stumbled on an LSO junior model?

  4. That's a surprise Leanne, I felt sure your Mum had taken the photo... Hope your business is going well.

  5. It's tough, but if I'm only allowed 1 vote it will have to go to the rabbit because I can't see the hippo's head. (I thought at first glance it might be a gruffalo!)