Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter bunny

Today I saw a six foot tall Easter bunny. If I'd told you any other day you'd believe me, wouldn't you? But this is April Fools' Day so you'll need this photo as proof.

We were exploring a country lane near Twyning, Worcestershire, and there he was leaning on the fence, waiting for someone to chat to. I obliged. He said it was cold for the time of year and had I seen Alice? And then he turned his head to look for her.

I reckon this counts as a Giggle blog as devised by Susan Jane Jones. ( My new friend certainly made me smile.


  1. Wow! I didn't see anything half as funny as that on my walk but I did see some tiny newborn lambs.

  2. That's hillarious Lynne. I bet you had a good rabbit to him, and he looks as if he'd have been all ears to what you were saying as well:)))

    1. Very clever, Susan. I bet he'd make your hare stand on end if you met him in the dark.

  3. Runs in the family... I saw a pink five foot rotund rabbit in Plymouth on Monday - strangely though it didn't stop to chat and hopped off. No photo proof but many witnesses!

  4. I'm living in the wrong place - we never get rabbits that big round here :-) x

  5. I thought it was so lovely of the people who owned him to put him somewhere he could be seen and shared by everyone< Teresa.
    We've obviously got bigger lettuces in this area.

  6. Loved your bunny Lynne. Shared him with my daughter today though sadly the children weren;t around to see him. Will show them again. Really made me smile.