Thursday, May 02, 2013

Giggle Blog

Susan Jane Jones began a giggle blog last month and is posting a giggle at the beginning of each month. Now others, including me, are joining her. We all need to laugh, or at least smile.
Here's my giggle.
My friend, Babs (name has been changed to protect the gullible), asked me to help her perform a miracle with a new hair product she'd bought via a shopping channel. 'It's hair string,' she told me. 'You put a bit on your hands, rub them together until the stuff gets sort of stringy and then you sort of push it up under your hair. It's supposed to make it look thicker, add volume…'
She sat in front of her dressing table mirror and I stood behind her while she read out the instructions and I obeyed them. We weren't expecting such a transformation. The stuff actually worked. As I tweaked at her hair it sprang outwards, filling out, lifting up,  looking gorgeous.
'Gosh,' said Babs. 'I look like Dolly Parton.I hope it washes out. Oh, and I'd better not lean against any walls in case I get stuck to them.'
Both feeling very clever we went downstairs for a cup of tea. As we sat chatting I watched Bab's hair slowly flop until it was flat to her skull.
I left soon after, before she looked in the mirror. I didn't have the heart to tell her she'd gone from fully blown to wilted in the length of time it took to demolish a cup of Tetley's.



  1. Lynne, that's a scream,you must have gone down the road in stitches... Oh my goodness, I hope you're going to write a story about that. Then again,you'd have to use a pseudenym... Oh I'm going to be laughing about that for ages....Is Babs still speaking to you by the way?

  2. Brilliant. Reminds me of when I first tried to use hair gel to make my hair 'peak!' I went out fully peaked and when I got back from my night out and looked in the mirror I nearly died. My peaks had all wilted and I looked - well indescribable!!

    Ooh yes we all need a good giggle. Laughter is definitely the best medicine for pretty much anything isn't it :o) xx