Saturday, June 29, 2013

Falling in love again...

'Falling in love again.' Remember what the next line is?
'I never wanted to…' But sometimes you can't help yourself.

When we bought our motorhome we had a list of requirements. It had to be four berth, diesel, right hand drive and have manual gears. We ended up with a two berth, petrol, left hand drive and automatic. But as soon as we saw it we fell in love and the list went out of the window.

A few weeks ago we sold our house. We had a list of requirements for our new ideal home. It read - no stairs, built in a flat area (not that easy in Malvern), close to shops, no work to do. When we saw St Peter’s Road we fell in love even though it’s on the hills, has two storeys, we need a car to get to the shops and every inch needs decorating. At first we fought against it and made an offer on an immaculate bungalow but St Peter’s Road had hugged us when we first went through the door and we couldn’t resist. We are now looking forward to moving in and redesigning the whole place.

The lesson I've learned is going with my heart and not my head works for me in every part of my life.


  1. Good for you, Lynne! Too many people seem to have lost the ability to trust their instincts. I always listen to my heart, and it works for me, too.

  2. If it hugged you this house is right for you Lynne. :o) xx

  3. How exciting! Yes, if it feels right it probably is.