Thursday, June 13, 2013

Improve your creativity

Juggling can improve creativity by uniting the left and right sides of the brain. Interesting. But the following is interesting and useful. Juggling burns 280 calories an hour. Perhaps I'll pass that one on to Jane Wenham-Jones for her soon to be enlarged book on Fighting The Flab.

 Scriptwriter and tutor, Steve Wetton, when delivering a workshop once showed a class how to juggle. It looked easy. He then threw the batons, or whatever they are called, to me and said he'd told me how to do it, so do it. I was useless. The lesson was that writing scripts was like juggling - we'd need to do a lot of practising and it would be trial and error before we became competent.

Where's all this leading? Well, Saturday June 15 is World Juggling Day and Doug McPherson will be posting 15 Facts about Juggling (June 13th) and  How To Juggle in 5 Easy Steps (June 15) on his Circus Mania blog, .

The picture shows a very young Gerry Cottle showing how it's done. Looks a bit of a naughty pose to me.



  1. Ooh er missus, I thought it was a naughty picture till I had a closer look! I'd love to be able to juggle :-) x

  2. Oh, shouldn't be allowed, I mean in broad daylight as well:))

  3. There's a great bit in Gerry Cottle's book, Confessions of a Showman, where he says his wife ran off with a juggler. He really missed him, because the guy was a terrific juggler...

  4. I love juggling, so thanks for this post, Lynne. I can't juggle with batons, though, but my husband used to juggle with rubber chickens!

    Julie xx

  5. Good gracious. Double take time:o)

    I can't juggle but I love watching it. So clever x