Sunday, July 07, 2013

Missionaries and Unicorns

First my Giggle Blog-

I was having lunch with friends and somehow we'd got on to the subject of religion, specifically how to politely get rid of the 'missionaries' who knock on doors hoping to convert people.

'I tell them I couldn't possibly belong to any religion which didn't embrace vegetarianism,' I said. 'But one intrepid missionary told me that before the flood we were all veggies. Afterwards there were no crops so God told Noah they could eat meat.' I explained how this statement had bothered me because if only two of each animal went on the ark then which species did they eat?

'Oh, no!' wailed Liz. 'That's why there are no unicorns. Noah and his lot ate them!'


And now a congratulations-

I made this cake for the LSO who is now officially a Chief Commissaire for British Cycling. If you watch any cycling you'll see that the commissaires are referees who keep everyone in order and make sure no rules are broken.



  1. So that's what happened to the unicorns!

    Congratulations LSO! That cake looks gorgeous :-) x

  2. That wasn't very sporting of Noah was it Lynne, love your giggle, and that cake. Oh yum, well done to your LSO. Those missionaries always pick sunny days when we're in the garden don't they?

  3. I bet they don't know what's hit them when they knock on your door Lynne!!!

    Congratulations LSO. And congrats Lynne on a gorgeous cake :o) xx

  4. Hmm ... when in doubt blame Noah, or some other long gone person who can't answer back!

    Mmm ... chocolate cake - that could almost tempt me to take up cycle racing! (Not really. I do like cycling but only slowly on quiet country lanes when the sun's shining.) But congrats to LSO.