Monday, July 01, 2013

Steam Railways. Flying Scotsman.

Many years ago I had a weekend job, working in the restaurant, at the Severn Valley Railway, Bewdley. People used to come from all over the world to watch the steam trains. Some even recorded them going chuff-chuff-chuff. If you know any of these fanatics do let them know about my sister's e-book and the competition she's running to win the featured set of stamps.

I asked Glynis Scrivens about her e-book. Here's what she says-

"2013 marks the 25th anniversary of the Tour Down Under by Flying Scotsman. It was invited over to participate in steam train festivals organised as part of Australia's bicentennial celebrations. To mark the occasion of the anniversary, I've published an article about the tour of Australia, based on interviews with the driver, David Rollins. David describes problems encountered on Australian tracks, collisions with cars, and most importantly, the day when Flying Scotsman entered the Guinness Book of Records for nonstop steam.
Readers who leave a review on Amazon can enter a competition to win a mint set of four stamps issued to commemorate this tour. A winner will be drawn on 16 October, the day Flying Scotsman arrived in Sydney."


Do visit Amazon to buy the book, or loan it. And do tell all those steam fans. Everyone knows at least one. (Hi, Barry!)


  1. Looks interesting. Have passed it on ...

  2. Sounds like fun, working at The Severn Valley Railway. That wonderful smell of steam and smoke! My Saturday job wasn't half so romantic - in the cash office in Woolworths!